Desktop Integration

ORDER POWER! features built-in integration between the System i and the desktop to leverage the power of the PC. Some of the inherent functions include:

  • Display up to three images of an item during Order Entry or when doing Item Maintenance.
  • Compose ad hoc letters or alter predefined letters in Microsoft Word while doing Accounts Receivable, Order Entry, Customer Service, Purchase Orders and other ORDER POWER! functions.
  • Use Crystal Reports for graphical views of your data.
  • Enter product information into an ORDER POWER! PC-based product information text editor that supports word-wrap, cut & paste and spell check, utilizing Windows’ built-in spell checker already on the PC.
  • Track shipped packages on the web by pressing a function key in an ORDER POWER! System i screen. The application launches Internet Explorer with the appropriate tracking number(s) from the System i database  embedded in a direct link to the UPS, FedEx, USPS, or Canada Post web site.
  • Seamlessly export this year’s budget or actual numbers for all or selected GL accounts into an Excel spread sheet. Users can then manipulate the numbers in Excel, develop budgets for the upcoming year and effortlessly apply them to the GL database on the System i with just a click.

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

ORDER POWER! is available in text-based and graphical (GUI) format. The GUI version is browser based, and supports Windows functions such as cut and paste, scalable windows, icons, etc. GUI and text-based ORDER POWER! are fully compatible and mix easily within a single installation.

Various software products integrate the System i database and Windows-based applications such as Excel and Access. Users can develop charts, graphs, and reports that uniquely reflect their view of the ORDER POWER! database. Each user can mix both text-based and GUI.