Mail List Management

Update and maintain your mailing list as a stand-alone activity, during Order Entry and from within Customer Service. In multiple company environments, the mail list can belong to one company or be shared among many companies. Since the list is accessed during Order Entry, duplication is minimized.

Mail List Management assists in detecting possible duplicates and makes file “clean-up” recommendations. Address normalization or hygiene is optionally enabled with Group 1 Code-1 Plus or WorksRight.

ORDER POWER! tracks mailings to each customer and provides extensive mail list selection criteria. List segmentation within ORDER POWER! is user-definable and flexible. Order Frequency / Recency / Monetary statistics and demographics are maintained for each customer. Order Entry and Customer Service representatives share customers’ history and orders using the ORDER POWER! notepad.

ORDER POWER! supports e-mail addresses and multi-national addressing, including postal codes, states, provinces and territories. You enter only the zip code, then ORDER POWER! automatically fills in the city and state for all addresses located within the United States.