Order Entry

Order Entry is “the heart of the system.” ORDER POWER! makes it intuitive and quick, and includes the inbound telemarketing functions your salespeople and management need to increase profits.

Build sales in a telephone environment with extensive cross-sell and up-sell assistance. Up-sell assistance reminds salespeople to offer a higher priced item; cross-sell assistance reminds them to sell associated items. If a customer orders buttons, the computer can suggest bows. If a product is out of stock, ORDER POWER! can recommend substitutions.

ORDER POWER! can display detailed product specifications during Order Entry to provide information to answer customer questions and up sell at the same time. Use the extensive search capabilities to recommend related items such as a list of all red radios or all children’s books about dinosaurs.

While entering orders, you can add, change or delete a mailing list entry and access informative messages about the customer such as, “often returns merchandise” or “fails authorization.” Accounts receivable information, inventory availability and customer order history are also online.

While in Order Entry, you can append unlimited notes to an order and selectively print them on various documents.

ORDER POWER! supports a variety of pricing methods and Accounts Receivable requirements for conventional wholesale distribution, and is an excellent choice for servicing both business-to-business and consumer customers.