Web Store – Ecommerce

Virtually every retailer in America has a web site, but very few have a truly integrated system. ORDER POWER! software originated in the catalog / mail order industry, with a heavy emphasis on call center management, customer service, and the pick / pack operation.

Our Web Store is for anyone who wants to sell online. One database is used for your front-end Web Store and your back-end fulfillment. There is no need to replicate or re-enter data across multiple databases or maintain different data elements in different databases.

One of the most unique features of our software is the ability to have up to nine web sites or virtual stores for each ORDER POWER! company. Implementation of this multi-site benefit is simple, since images and product scripts can be shared across all the e-stores. ORDER POWER! lets you define each Web Store in an intuitive System i program, then writes the HTML for you. It sounds easy, and it is easy!

  • Each site can be fulfilled from its own warehouse or from a common warehouse.
  • Each site can appear like a different store or store front with a unique “look and feel.”
  • Each site can have a different virtual catalog with its own items, unique prices, discounts, shipping and payment options, sign-on security access, and more.

By having multiple stores or stores fronts, the ORDER POWER! merchant increases the odds of attracting a customer. It’s a compelling marketing tactic.

Computer Solutions’ Web Store dynamically generates HTML pages from the ORDER POWER! System i database. This reduces or eliminates the need to maintain products, prices, and product information on the web. The store is built using native System i (or AS/400) tools such as System i HTTP Server, Apache Server, Net.Data, RPG-ILE, JavaScript, etc.

The ORDER POWER! Web Store uses our tried-and-true IBM database to create web pages that change automatically whenever you change your database content or rules. ORDER POWER! views each of your Web Stores as a trackable Catalog (media). The Catalog defines which items you want to sell on the web. This gives you the flexibility to create internet promotions and deals, the accountability of Media Reporting, and the ability to easily add or remove items.

ORDER POWER!‘s import function creates customer orders from external sources such as call centers and internet sites and fulfills web orders using the order import function.

The software is also being used by traditional fulfillment companies who host their clients’ ecommerce sites. They can create web sites and online stores for their clients, driving traffic to the very place the order will be processed.

With the rise of online shopping and Amazon, fulfillment companies are scrambling for a piece of the industry. With ORDER POWER! software, fulfillment companies can handle many companies at once with one System i, contracting with online sellers to manage their warehousing and fulfillment for products sold online.